Water Warriors

Water Warriors

company typeWater Stewardship

company locationUnited States

Piloting Partner : The Coca Cola Company

Program Cohort: 3

Funds Raised: N/A

Water Warriors’ technology removes nutrient pollution from water and returns it as fertilizer. It is focused on making the world's water supply safer and cleaner through innovative, new products designed to revolutionize how water professionals remove harmful nutrients from water.


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Steve Chamberland linkedin profile

Chief Revenue Officer / Co-Founder at Water Warriors Inc.

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John Gradek linkedin profile

Chief Executive, Head of Innovation and New Product Design

Co-founder of Water Warriors Inc, a revolutionary combination of engineering, enzyme science and foam that is designed to rethink water treatment to address the growing concerns of freshwater contamination across the nation and the globe.

Corporate partners

The pilot project will demonstrate the effectiveness of high capacity water treatment pellets (“Poseidon Pellets”) for phosphorus removal from wastewater.
Water Warriors will receive wastewater, from The Coca-Cola Company, with a low pH and high concentration of phosphorus and will reduce the phosphorus concentration, while increasing the pH level of wastewater.

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