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Using the millions of tons of co-product we produce each year, help us create nutritious foods, beverages and other products for all.



The current food supply and how we eat globally is not sustainable. There is a lot of research and development being done to explore alternative protein and food supply options. At 100+, we also believe we have a way to contribute to supplying nutritious, inexpensive and accessible food to the growing global population. Each year, our Partner companies produce millions of tons of co-product, which can be repurposed into other types of consumer products for a more circular global food supply. We also believe our co-products can be used beyond food as ingredients in cosmetics or pharmaceuticals, as well as packaging.

● Processing technologies that turn our co-products into ingredients for various food applications.
● Processes and materials that incorporate co-products into e.g. sustainable packaging solutions.
● Find a second life to all of our co-products through products that generate value to our consumers, especially for: spent coffee and tea leaves, seeds, peels, pulp, dry/wet yeast and brewers’ grain.
● Biological / chemical process to extract valuable properties for skincare products, pharmaceutical products.
● Stabilizing our brewers’ grains which, if not treated, have a very limited lifetime of 4-6 hours.
● Solutions to make transportation economically viable, e.g. low-cost de-watering to reduce original moisture of 80% (brewers’ grain contains only 20%-40% dry matter).
● New foods and beverages derived from and linked to our co-products that enable healthier diets and address obesity and malnutrition.
● Anaerobic digestion for brewers’ grain (ideally with cogeneration).
● Renewable or Recycled Carbon, Non Fossil Fuel derived carbon ingredients, e.g. surfactants for cleaning products, CO2 for carbonation.
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