Water Stewardship


Help us create and implement sustainable and energy-efficient practices to make water scarcity a thing of the past.

The UN describes water scarcity as one of the “main problems to be faced by many societies and the world in the 21st century.” The advancing global water pressure is the result of climate change, population growth and increasing levels of industrial growth and farming. In addition, water scarcity is aggravated by unsustainable water management practices, waste and pollution. There is an opportunity for companies to play a big part and to help create and implement solutions that use as little water as possible across their operations. A couple of examples include partnering with others to protect high risk watersheds, promoting water security across their supply chains, and investing in technologies that can provide lasting access to clean water for communities at risk.

We are interested in applications that address the following challenges:

  • New technology for production sequencing to minimize line flushing/CIP/sterilization treatment cycles

  • Commercially viable investment approaches for smaller scale watershed conservation projects (proximity to current AB InBev operations is a plus)

  • New solutions to measure improvement in water quality or availability in high stressed watersheds. Can include citizen-science approaches.

  • New solutions that achieve higher energy efficiency or lower rejection rates of treated water (with or without using reverse osmosis (RO) tech)

  • Beer filtration innovations that are more environmentally-friendly

  • Innovations for disposal or transformation of the high salt concentration/brine solutions of RO/desalination (Applications in remotely located areas particularly encouraged.)

  • Reliable, low-cost, easy-to-use technologies for measuring water at all points of consumption in our breweries (ideally with data transfer capabilities)

  • New solutions or technologies in water reuse/recycling incl. ways to distribute treated brewery effluent for shared local benefit (both urban and rural)

  • Solutions for retaining rainwater in watershed soil longer

  • New technology applications for optimized process and waste reduction in brewing or manufacturing

  • Cost effective solutions to provide quality water access and sanitation services to communities not connected to formal water infrastructure systems

  • Creating and incentivizing corporate consortium approaches to aquifers/watershed conservation and management

  • Data collection of water consumption across supply and value chains as well as data collection and measurement of water action programs to determine efficacy for well and aquifers

  • Chemical cleaning agents or processes that reduce water use

  • Water-efficient agricultural tools and practices

  • End-to-end, energy-efficient & low-cost waste water treatment

  • Water recycling in individual/home use

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