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  • 100+ Accelerator Team

100+ Accelerator named one of the 10 most inspiring accelerator programs in the world

Clique AI, a Tel-Aviv based CRM platform that connects the global innovation and tech ecosystems, recently recognized AB InBev’s 100+ Sustainability Accelerator as one of the 10 most inspiring accelerator programs in the world. Clique AI recognizes the relevance of accelerator programs across the world as unique enablers of innovation. As part of their mission, they connect different players in the tech and innovation ecosystem. They pay special attention to all the global accelerators, investors and startups that are driving change.

This year, they have named ten global accelerator programs as the most inspiring in the world. The list includes top accelerator programs such as Plug & Play, Techstars and 500 Startups, who have a presence globally, and have been in place for more than ten years. The 100+ Accelerator is honoured to be recognized.

In 2018 AB InBev launched four ambitious sustainability goals: Smart Agriculture, Water Stewardship, Carbon Action, and Circular Packaging. To achieve these goals, AB InBev, in October 2018, launched the 100+ Accelerator to seek worldwide innovation.

Startups participating in 100+ have an opportunity to grow and test their products by solving real corporate challenges by piloting their technology with AB InBev, which at the same time helps them unlock new potential commercial and investment opportunities.

Since its inception, two cohorts have been completed, graduating 36 companies from 16 countries worldwide. The 100+ Accelerator is aiming to graduate more than 100 startups by 2025.

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