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  • 100+ Accelerator Team

AB InBev’s 100+ Sustainability Accelerator Holds 2nd Demo Day with 13 Startups

On December 1st, 2020, the 100+ Accelerator hosted its second cohort Demo Day profiling 13 companies from all over the world. The event started with welcome remarks from Carlos Brito, CEO of AB InBev, who introduced the inspiring keynote speaker, Lindsay Levin, CEO & Founder of Leader's Quest.

The second cohort of the 100+ Accelerator focused on solving five different challenges established by AB InBev: Smart Drinking, Smart Farming, Closing The Loop, Carbon Action & Every Single Drop. These five challenges are directly contributing to solving 15 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The session was hosted by Ezgi Barcenas, Global Head of Sustainability for AB InBev and Maisie Devine, Global Director of 100+ Accelerator. They presented the startup pilots that were run in partnership with AB InBev over the last six months. The pilots were incredibly diverse. For example, one startup, Shianco, used rice husk bi-product to create furniture for AB InBev’s office and a brewery. Another startup, Nomo Waste, partnered with AB InBev to return glass bottles from use in Colombia to facilities for reuse and recycling. To learn more about the startups from #100DemoDay please see the list below.

  • Asarasi (Katonah, United States) – Sustainable, renewable plant-based water

  • CH Bioforce Oy (Espoo, Finland) – Developer of biomass fractionation technology

  • Club Soda (London, UK) – Club Soda is a movement of mindful drinkers

  • Comet Bio (London, Canada) – Healthy and sustainable ingredients from upcycled crop leftovers

  • Conscious Container (Truckee, United States) – Refillable glass bottle marketplace

  • EcoPackers (Toronto, Canada) – Plant-powered eco resins for eco-friendly and non-toxic single-use plastic manufacturing

  • Greenline Africa (Johannesburg, South Africa) – Solar thermal solution provider offering the best solution for heat

  • Gybe (Portland, United States) – Water quality monitoring in real-time at a watershed or regional scale

  • Nomo Waste (Bogota, Colombia) – Waste management and recycling solutions company

  • OKO (Tel Aviv, Israel) – Weather-index insurance for farmers in emerging markets

  • Plataforma Verde (São Paulo, Brazil) – Traceability solution for industrial inputs and solid waste management

  • Shianco (Shunde, China) – Technology used to manufacture “wooden” products with the raw material of “rice husk”, taking the place of wood

  • Zoom Agri (Coslada, Madrid) – Quality determination of agriculture commodities via image processing

AB InBev aims to achieve its own 2025 sustainable goals, where the 100+ Accelerator plays a crucial role. If you know about an innovative technology that can contribute to solving AB InBev’s goals, please do not hesitate to join our waitlist! We will be opening applications for our next cohort in early 2021!

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