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Our Challenges

We┬┤re looking for startups that have solutions to these challenges.

Coca-Cola Refill.Reuse.Refresh

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As a total beverage company, Coca-Cola has a diverse portfolio of beverages that cater to the evolving tastes and preferences of consumers worldwide. As we look into the future, we are committed to expanding our business responsibly and sustainably.


In working together towards creating a more sustainable future for our people, our communities, and our planet, we believe we have a responsibility to help curb climate change as well as help address the issue of global packaging waste.


Driven by this vision, we are aiming to revolutionize the smart beverage dispensing landscape by focusing on the development of a cohesive dispenser ecosystem that integrates cutting-edge dispensers with reusable and refillable bottles to offer an unparalleled experience of convenience for our consumers and customers.

Coca-Cola Refill.Reuse.Refresh

- Solutions that encourage consumers to reuse refillable bottles by ensuring convenience and beverage quality
* Solutions that promote preserving and enhancing carbonation in reusable bottle or near-bottle solutions.
* Effective technologies or device that enable digital connectivity between dispenser and reusable bottle for multi-facetted purposes
* Reusable bottle technologies that would help to merge various reusable schemes and suppliers into a nation-wide effective operating system

- Low-energy mobile washing technology for reusable packaging at outdoor events, festivals etc

- Solutions that promote an end-to-end smart dispenser ecosystem

* Technologies that improve or increase dispenser hygiene
* Technologies that sustainably improve carbonation in beverage dispenser to the level of highly carbonated products in a cost-effective way

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