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Globlet builds technology enabled systems that produce reusable products that are trackable and can be linked back to our factories to be washed and reused.

company typeCircular Packaging

company locationUnited States

Piloting Partner : AB InBev

Program Cohort: 2

TURN- We gamify recycling & reuse.
Turn eliminates single-use plastic cups at large-scale events across Australia, US, and Europe.
The TURN system includes reusable products such as cups, reverse vending bins that collect all products post-consumer use through a customizable incentive system, and fully autonomous and mobile washing systems engineered specifically to wash, rinse, and sanitize reusable products on-site or in close proximity. As you can imagine, there is a huge customer acquisition data play available here, as the TURN system encompasses both software and hardware offerings.


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Founder of Turn - We gamify recycling and reuse.

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