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Air Capture

Air Capture

Capturing atmospheric CO2

company typeClimate Action

company locationUnited States

Piloting Partner : AB InBev

Program Cohort: 3

Air Capture puts Atmospheric CO2 to Work via our "CO2 as a Service" Platform.


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Robert Wilson linkedin profile

Head of Commercialization

We build onsite, modular, direct air capture systems that pull CO2 from the atmosphere then put it directly into their processes.

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Matt Atwood linkedin profile

Founder & CEO at AirCapture LLC

Running a start-up in direct air capture and carbon utilization transitioning into commercialization. Decarbonizing industry while addressing legacy CO2 emissions and doing something useful with the carbon.

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Bran Raskovic linkedin profile

Co-Founder & CFO at AirCapture LLC

Corporate partners

In this pilot, Air Capture will build, operate, and maintain direct air capture (DAC) systems that collect CO2 from the atmosphere, then compress, liquify and upgrade the collected CO2 for use in the carbonation of beer.

The pilot will cover two new DAC installations at the AB InBev brewery in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain and at the AmBev brewery in Ponta Grossa, Paraná, Brazil. The pilot will demonstrate the feasibility of DAC of CO2 as a cost-effective and high-quality replacement for the breweries' current supply of CO2, with a further aim of potentially rolling out this technology to additional AB InBev breweries around the world.

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