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Inclusive Growth

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Equity is essential to creating a truly sustainable world. Too often, minority and disadvantaged communities are disproportionately impacted by the climate crisis, and at the same time, they are excluded from the positions of power and influence to affect change. Our sustainable future will be forged at the intersection of equity, environment and economy. 

We are looking for innovative solutions for societal equity, workplace inclusion, economic prosperity and long-term environmental health.


- Solutions to diversify the suppliers base
​​- Community driven and sustained recycling initiatives (self-sustaining)
- Solutions that bring visibility/training/communication on workplace wellbeing, resilience, D&I and psychological safety
- Solutions that help bring/give access to a specific workforce (for example apprenticeship, people who don’t have access to technology, people with disabilities)
- Solutions for underprivileged workforce access.
- Solutions to improve transparency in the advertising / media supply chain, which specifically promote diverse content creators and inclusive sponsored content
- Responsible advertising supply chain solutions that promote inclusivity, well-being, or belonging, at the individual consumer, community, non-profit or corporate level
- Social, cultural, or community impact measurement tools for corporate event (sports, music, festival) sponsorship, i.e. non-environmental, non-economic only
- Science based methodology to measure social impact in the value chain
- Solutions to improve road safety and make our roads safe places for all
- Evidence-based digital innovations to promote responsible drinking
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