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Our Challenges

We´re looking for startups that have solutions to these challenges.

Health and Wellness

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Help us increase the well-being of our people, consumers, and communities so they can fully participate in social, cultural, and recreational activities. We are looking for these types of solutions:

Personal care and hygiene

  • Technologies or initiatives that promote hygiene and personal care
  • New delivery forms for Oral care and wellness beyond TP/MW (gels, patches, tablets, powders, etc.)
  • Oral care solutions for underserved populations (diabetics, disabilities, rural, elderly, low-literacy, blue collar, and poor population)
  • Skin and hair care health diagnostic and monitoring solutions
  • Consumer and professional oral care solutions for the prevention, treatment and monitoring of dental caries and periodontitis at-home and in-office (excludes restoration, bone regeneration)
  • At-home oral care whitening solutions to prevent tooth staining and to prolong tooth whitening treatment
  • Professional oral whitening solutions beyond tray and pen
  • Non-aluminum (aluminum alternatives) for sweat protection
  • Poly-fluorinated alkyl substances (PFAs) alternatives for cosmetic products (facial cleansers)
  • Solutions for scalp health
  • Alternatives of Kojic acid and Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) for skin care peels
  • Non-invasive skin meso-therapy solutions
  • Quantified Health and Analytics: non-invasive oral and skin predictive and diagnostics/sensors (biomarkers, imaging/AI, devices)
  • Microbiome friendly ingredients, formulations, tools and techniques to measure the skin microbiome
  • Preservatives and Antibacterial solutions relevant for Personal care applications

Balanced Nutrition

  • Technologies that help consumers towards healthier living (i.e., nutrient, hydration monitoring)
  • Solutions that can support consumers in making smart food & drinks choices (e.g., AI powered)
  • Technologies or initiatives that promote maintenance of normal blood glucose levels
  • Technologies or initiatives that promote optimal hydration for maintaining health
  • Technologies or initiatives that promote affordable micronutrient delivery/absorption to prevent malnutrition
  • Technologies or initiatives that promote feasible calorie reduction solutions
  • Solution to improve efficacy of health beneficial fractions from botanicals (e.g. delivery systems for natural antioxidant, immune supporting, anti-inflammatory, etc.)
  • Technologies or initiatives that promote/support responsible consumption of alcohol and moderation. The technology and/or initiative should address, but is not limited to, the following societal challenges: Drunk driving, underage drinking, binge drinking solutions that will be enable behavior change, fetal alcohol syndrome, and the lack of available data on alcohol abuse
  • Ambient probiotic that can survive and remain active through pasteurization & ambient shelf life.
  • Tools to help people conveniently customize/personalize RTD/RTE (Ready to Drink/Eat) products
  • Natural ingredients which allow flavor/taste enhancement whilst reducing sugar and sweetness in beverages.
  • Technologies or initiatives that promote affordable macronutrient delivery in plant-based beverages.
  • More sustainable technologies to reach microbiological safety of plant-based ingredients/ products while maintaining (biological) functionality.
  • Technologies or initiatives that deliver affordable solutions to increase iron intake whilst maintaining gut health.
  • Technologies or initiatives to use gas fermentation (CO2 capture) to produce carbohydrates.
  • Technologies or initiatives to generate affordable fermented ingredients.
  • Solution to improve the efficacy of health beneficial fractions from botanicals (e.g.: delivery systems for natural antioxidants, immune supporting, anti-inflammatory…)
  • Technologies or initiatives (e.g. fermentation) that promote affordable micronutrient delivery/absorption to prevent malnutrition.
  • Proof that Reg Ag practices (healthy soil microbiome) lead to a healthier end-product (healthy gut microbiome)

Community Wellness

  • Community driven approaches to support access to health & wellbeing programs or solutions
  • Integrated telehealth/teledentistry platforms/patients and consumers engagement digital platforms

Mental health, mindfulness, and self-esteem

  • Technologies or initiatives that promote mental health, mindfulness and self-esteem for employees or communities
  • Technologies or initiatives that can promote mental health and vitality
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