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Industrial Logistics tech and services

company typeClimate Action

company locationIndia

Piloting Partner : AB InBev

Program Cohort: 3

Female Founded

Funds Raised: N/A

FreightFox provides an intelligent platform that enables data-driven and responsive logistics for augmenting supply chain capability and reducing emissions.


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Nitish Rai linkedin profile

Simplifying Logistics

Passionate about solving customer problems. Building data driven cutting edge logistics operations and orchestration platform for Indian manufacturing industry.

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Manjari Sharma linkedin profile

Co-Founder & CPO

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Vikas Singh linkedin profile

Co-Founder & COO

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Sandeep Mukhopadhyay linkedin profile

Co-Founder & CTO

Corporate partners

GreenMiles + SMiles is a green logistics initiative to achieve sustainable transportation with lower per Capita CO2e emissions of every HL of beer shipped. The pilot will collect of selected lanes/network with a transporter loyalty and inclusion program.
The pilot aims to deliver GreenMiles for delivery of Beer at AB InBev breweries/warehouses with a blended miles delivery through FreightFox platform consisting of CBG, CNG, BS VI, EVs/FCEVs in the order of priority.

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