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Microrganich Tech

Microrganich Tech

Wastewater treatment

company typeWater Stewardship

company locationUnited States

Piloting Partner : AB InBev

Program Cohort: 3

Female Founded

Funds Raised: N/A

MICROrganic Technologies manufactures high-efficiency microbial fuel cells for secondary wastewater treatment that eliminates WW aeration and reduces energy use by 85% or more.


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Carol Shaw Maxwell linkedin profile

CEO at MICROrganic Technologies Inc.

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Brent Solina linkedin profile

Chief Technology Officer at MICROrganic Technologies Inc.

Corporate partners

The pilot at the Anheuser-Busch Baldwinsville plant in New York State will consist of a treatment module that will be installed in three components:
The VIVA Module treats organic secondary wastewater. VIVA reduces energy use in secondary treatment by eliminating Wastewater Aeration.
The Controller: A digital device that tracks biological activity and biochemical oxygen demand (“BOD”)/chemical oxygen demand (“COD”) removal. Will provide real-time data on biological activity and cathode potentials. A biological or mechanical problem or upset will provide data to alert the plant operator and MICROrganic directly.
The Site Evaluation Unit (SEU): Will be installed tank-side of one of the aeration bays. Wastewater intake into the SEU will come from the equalization tank at the plant. Activated sludge in the treatment process will be used, energy reductions related to VIVA vs. Conventional Aeration are 85-90%.

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