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company typeWater Stewardship

company locationUnited States

Piloting Partner : AB InBev

Program Cohort: 3

Funds Raised: N/A

The Operational Data Platform for Modern Infrastructure - Plutoshift takes disparate data sources, analyzes them, and develops actionable insights to provide improvements in business processes and sustainability performance.


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Prateek Joshi linkedin profile

CEO, Founder

Corporate partners

Plutoshift will optimize Reverse Osmosis cleans and membrane performance in the selected Asia-Pacific breweries, proactively optimize water use and recovery, reduce energy use, and extend the life of existing equipment. To enable data-driven execution across sites or the enterprise, Plutoshift’s Operational Data Platform will automate the data integration workflow and deliver “always-on" performance monitoring and predictive analysis for key processes. Plutoshift will provide brewery operators the ability to identify anomalies, determine and address root causes, and predict and prevent future issues. Additionally, Plutoshift will develop a new module to track and provide insights into ESG metrics at the site, zone, and global level.

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