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company typeClimate Action

company locationChina

Piloting Partner : AB InBev

Program Cohort: 3

Research, development, production and sales of innovative photovoltaic products.
Through the research and development of composite materials, Sunman has successfully commercialized the world's first glass-free, lightweight and flexible Panel – eArc. Replacing glass completely, eArc brings solar power to markets and applications scenarios that were previously impossible.


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Corporate partners

Includes the design, procurement, and installation of solar project at the rooftop of Budweiser Wuhan to help achieve 100% renewable electricity. Lightweight and glass-free solar modules developed and manufactured by Sunman Energy will be used for the the installation. It also tests the installation of solar panels in other surfaces and efficacy of solar energy production in non-conventional surfaces, including walls, malt cans and roof.

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