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company typeSmart Agriculture

company locationUnited States

Piloting Partner : The Coca Cola Company

Program Cohort: 3

Funds Raised: N/A

Teralytic offers a wireless NPK monitoring sensor and AI platform to help farmers see for the first time what’s happening beneath the soils and use data to improve management practices and reduce the environmental impact of farming. The probes can evaluate moisture, soil temp, EC, pH and NPK at 15cm, 45cm and 90cm, and the data can help adjust fertilizer and irrigation applications via its native interface or API to all of Coca Cola’s existing technology. This open data approach can bring critical information into a “single pane of glass” and help automate soil management and input decisions.


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Steven Ridder linkedin profile

Founder and CEO of Teralytic

Founded Teralytic, a VC-backed AgTech startup that built the world's first wireless NPK sensor. The data our sensor produces improves farmers' profits and crop yields, improves the environment and climate, and helps the world feed the next 1 billion peopl

Corporate partners

Coca Cola will conduct field studies on 4-5 fields in the Midwest in 2022 with 1-3 farmers. New sensors and technologies will be tested in agriculture to determine if they provide insightful data and practices on sustainable farming practices.

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