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Our Challenges

We´re looking for startups that have solutions to these challenges.

Inclusive Growth

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Help us create economic prosperity across the entire value chain. We are looking for the following solutions:


Value Chains

- Technologies and tools that support engagement of people in extended value chains
- Solutions to support the value chain ecosystem through entrepreneurship, financial inclusion, etc.
- Solutions to support our ecosystem while reducing poverty as microcredit and microfinance
- Solutions for better traceability of supplied materials and labor and human rights control processes for third-party services suppliers
- Innovations and initiatives to reduce costs to small retailers: services, marketplaces, technologies to reduce the costs of our small retailers by leveraging the scale and/or capabilities of the accelerator program partners, etc.
- New startups and technologies that look to monetize core business assets/coproducts: e.g. telecom antennas on owned properties, consumer access to company parking and electric charging, selling obsolete machine parts, etc.
- Science based methodology to measure impact in the value chain
- Solutions that introduce new analytics and insights to optimize the impact of the company in the communities in which they operate
- Solutions that expand the use of technology to connect stakeholders in the value chain to the corporate ecosystem
- Solutions that help bring/give access to a specific workforce (for example apprenticeship, people who don’t have access to technology, people with disabilities)

Smart Drinking and Road Safety

- Technologies or initiatives that support moderation and responsible consumption of alcohol, specially drunk driving, underage drinking, binge drinking solutions, fetal alcohol syndrome or data on alcohol abuse
- Solutions to improve road safety and make our roads safe places for all
- Evidence-based digital innovations to support responsible drinking and enable behavior change
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